Index to the Gospel of the Prophet Mani

Improved Index to the Gospel of the Prophet Mani

To the Reader
The actual text of the Gospel begins on page 1, after 200 pages of introductory matter. The printed edition does not contain a comprehensive index to the introductory materials. This is included here.

How to cite individual passages. Gospel 48:2. This indicates section 48, verse 2. The full title of the Gospel is “Gospel of the Prophet Mani”, but to shorten this you can use “GPM” or “Gospel” for the sake of simplicity or brevity.

It is my sincere hope that this comprehensive index to the Gospel of the Prophet Mani will be of assistance to Hearers, Elect and seekers, in locating specific verses, ideas and topics throughout the text. With the help of God, I hope to continue improving upon this work.

Abba Charles
July 4, 2019

Download PDF (version 1.0, July 4, 2019; 16 pages).

The online (html) edition is currently being formatted.