Before and After the Gospel

Before Reading or Studying the Gospel

Father of Greatness, Zurvan, Most Holy God of Light, may your Great Name be praised and honored throughout the earth.

God of Light, Zurvan, Great Father beyond time and creation, I thank you for this time and for the opportunity to learn the Way of Light.

Lord of the heavens, open my heart to receive these sacred teachings. Lord of the heavens, clarify my mind to discern these sacred words. Lord of the heavens, clean my hands to touch these precious gems. Lord of the heavens, cleanse my breath to speak these sacred truths.


After Reading or Studying the Gospel

Holy God, Father of Greatness, Supreme Lord of Heaven, please give me the strength so that the knowledge that I receive through the Gospel can be extended to all peoples throughout the earth, on every island, in every nation and in every mountain.

May your Name be praised and glorified through all languages ​​in all nations.