“The first duty of the Hearer which he does is Fasting, Prayer and Alms-giving… The Alms is this, that he must make an offering of food through the Saints [Elect/Monks], and piously give it to them. The Alms will be reckoned to his good, the Fast he has kept, the cloth that he has put upon the Saints; and thereby they daily have communion with them in their fasting and their good deeds. (Gospel of Mar Mani)

Regular alms-giving is part of the blessed Manichaean Faith. All Manichaean brothers and sisters know it is there responsibility to make alms on a weekly or monthly basis. This is the reason you will rarely hear Manichaean clergy asking congregations or study groups for donations. We already know it’s our divine responsibility. A page was set up (linked below) to make it easier for those who wish to make their alms-giving or other offerings via online, especially in view of the fact that most of the Elect do not reside within close proximity of the Hearers.

We do not ask for gifts or alms from those who are not members of the Church, but we appreciate any thing others may wish to provide. Thank you and God bless you.

If you would like to send alms or other monetary gifts, please use this link (link currently disabled).