Daily Gospel – 3 December 2020

Today’s Gospel reading consists of Sections 10 through 12.

The text is from the 2020 revised edition of the Holy Book.

Section 10. The Coming of Jesus

1. Now whereas Adam was created beast-like, Eve was lifeless and motionless; but the male Virgin whom they call Daughter of the Light and named Ioel, gave Eve a share of Life and Light. Next Eve freed Adam from bestiality, then she was stripped naked of the Light.

2. They both asked for the Redeemer, so the Mother of Life and the First Man and the Spirit of Life decided to send to that first child, one who should free him and save him, show him the Knowledge and the Righteousness, and rescue him from the demons. Being kindly and pitiful, the Good Father sent from His bosom His beloved Son into the heart of the earth and into its lowest parts for the saving of the Soul. Now while coming the Son changed himself into the form of a Man and appeared to men as a man, being no man, and men fancied him to have been born.

3. Jesus the Radiant approached Adam the Innocent, and awoke him from the sleep of death, so that he might be rescued from the Evil Spirit; and like a righteous man who meets a man possessed by a mighty demon and quietens him by his art, so too was Adam when that Beloved had found him sunk in the deep sleep. So he woke him, took hold of him, and shook him. Then Jesus spoke to the child who was Adam, and made clear to him the Gardens and the Gods, and Hell and the demons, and the earth and sky, and the Sun and Moon. Then he warned him against Eve [here a metaphor for Lust], showed him her reproach, and forbade him to touch her; he drove away from him Lust, and bound Greed far away from him. Then Adam examined himself and realised from where he originated; and Jesus showed him the Fathers on high and his own Self [the Cross of Light] in everything, thrown into the teeth of leopards and elephants, swallowed by the greedy and chewed by the gluttonous, eaten by dogs – mixed and imprisoned in all that is, and bound in the stench of Darkness.

4. Then Jesus raised him and made him taste of the Tree of Life; and then Adam looked and wept, he lifted up his voice like a raging lion, saying: “Woe, woe to the maker of my body, and to the binder of my Soul, and to the Rebels who have enslaved me!”

Section 11. The Great Builder’s Work

1. Now for every sky he made twelve Gates with their Porches high and wide, every one of the Gates opposite its part, and over every one of the Porches wrestlers in front of it. Then in those Porches in every one of its Gates he made six Lintels, and in every one of the Lintels thirty Corners, and twelve Stones in every Corner. Then he erected the Lintels and Corners and Stones with their tops in the height of the heavens; and he connected the air at the bottom of the earths with the skies. Next round this universe he put a Moat, to throw into it the darknesses that are distilled from the Light, and behind that Moat he set a Wall, so that of that Darkness separated from the Light nothing should escape.

Section 12. Last Things

1. Now all the Emanations – Jesus, who is in the Small Ship, and the Mother of Life, and the Twelve Pilots, and the Maiden of the Light, and the Third Envoy who is in the Large Ship, and the Living Spirit, and the Wall of the Great Fire, and the Wall of the Wind and the Air and the Water and of the inner Living Fire – wait near the Small Luminary until the Fire consumes the whole universe.

2. At the end of time, as soon as all the Nature of Light has been separated from Matter entirely, when the Elder [Third Messenger] has shone forth his Image when the Statue has come, then the Supporter on seeing his face lets the earth slip. So the Height collapses upon the Depth, and Fire blazes up, and thus the age-long Fire ignites the earth, the outer Fire falls and consumes both itself and all the rest of the Matter which remains intact. Then God will hand it over to Fire and make of it a single Lump, the tangle which the Sun and Moon could not unravel, and with it also the Souls who have sinned much and been guilty of great unbelief, who seem like dregs in the midst of the Lump when the Fire has melted all. Then again he lets the Lump slip after the New Aeon, so that all the souls of the sinners are bound to the Aeon. In it has been collected all the Light that was mixed and mingled in created things, and these things catch fire. Now this Fire outside the universe is Matter itself, altogether unmixed with the Divine Power, and the burning does not cease until what was in it of the Light disappears – and the duration of that burning is 1,468 years.

3. Now when this affair is ended and Ambition, the Spirit of Darkness, sees the freeing of the Light and the ascent of the Angels, the Hosts and Guardians, she is humbled. She watches the fight; then the Hosts press on her all around, and she flees to the Grave already promised her. The architect and builder of that Grave is the one named the Great Builder, who in the days of his trouble became fashioner of the Grave of the Darkness. So he imprisons her in it, and closes up that Grave with a stone which is the size of the earth, the Macrocosm whence the Builder cut whole stones for the Grave of the Darkness. And the Light at last finds rest from the Darkness and its mischief.

4. Now after this will be a restoration of the Two Natures to their same original state; the Rulers will dwell in their own lower regions, while the Father enjoys the higher, having regained His own. So all the Race of Souls will be saved, and what once perished will be restored to its own Flock.