Daily Gospel – 2 December 2020

Today’s Gospel reading consists of Sections 6 through 9.

Section 6. The Role of the Virtues

1. Now when the Living Father saw the Soul afflicted in the Body, then the Mother of Life and the First Man and the Living Spirit stood up in prayer and implored the Father of Greatness, saying, “Send a Helper to the son, for he has done according to Your Will and so has come to distress.” So the Father of Greatness heard them and called forth the Third Evocation, the Messenger. Having come, then, he prepared for himself the work for the saving of the Souls; he put together a machine with twelve Buckets, the twelve Virgins, also known as Virtues, with their robes and crowns and characteristics.

The first is Royalty, the second is Wisdom and the third Victory; the fourth is Contentment, the fifth Purity and the sixth Truth; the seventh is Faith, the eighth Patience and the ninth Sincerity; the tenth is Kindness, and the eleventh is Justice, while the twelfth is Light. On being turned round by the Sphere this wheel draws up the Souls of the dying.

Section 7. The Work of the Moon and Sun

1. The Sun and the Moon are Ships conveying the Souls of the dying from Matter to the Light, always separating the Divine Power from Matter and escorting it to God. For in waxing the Moon receives the Power and becomes filled therewith in the appropriate time; then it brings about its own waning by discharging the freight to send it on to the Sun, and that returns it to God. And having done this, it receives again a migration to itself of the Soul from the next full Moon and lets it pass on automatically to God. And so the Ferry fills and again disembarks the Souls drawn up by the buckets until it has saved its own share of Souls.

2. When the Moon, then, has handed over the freight of Souls to the Aeons of the Father, they remain there in the Column of Glory which is called the Perfect Man; it is a pillar of light because it is loaded with the Souls that are being purified. Now the Moon first receives the radiant Souls from Matter, and then deposits them in the Light, and it does this continuously; this is the way in which the Souls are saved. So the Sun began to purify the Light which was mixed with the demons of Heat, and the Moon began to purify the Light mixed with the demons of Cold; that Light rises up in the Column of Praise with the hymns and rites, the good deeds and kind works which are sent up.

Section 8. The Maiden of the Light

1. The Living Spirit made the Wheels – the Wind, the Water and the Fire; and he went down and formed them below near the Supporter. Then the King of Glory evoked and raised over them a covering, so that they might ascend over these Rulers confined in the earths and be of use to the five Bright Gods, lest they be burned by the Rulers’ venom.

2. Now when the Envoy came towards these Ships, he ordered the Three Servants of Manbed to make the Ships move; he bade the Great Builder construct the New Earth, and the Three Wheels to go up. Now when the Ships rose and came to the centre of the sky, the Third Envoy showed his male and female forms and was seen by the Rulers, Sons of Darkness, male and female, who were in the firmament. A certain Virgin, fair, bedecked and very alluring, appeared to the males as a comely female, and to the females as a handsome and attractive youth, and in the Sun was seen an Image somewhat in the likeness of a Man. Now at the sight of the Envoy, who was lovely in his forms, all the Rulers were filled with desire for him – the males for the shape of the female and the females for the masculine shape.

3. When the Image of Light was revealed in the house of the beasts, in the land of the foul stench, they came to see his Image, they grovelled, they became mad because of its brightness, they arose that they might mark his likeness, they fell, they arose that they might mark his beauty, they were sweetened with this fragrance. They bent their knees, they worshipped him, they sang to him: “You have come in peace, O Son of the Brightnesses that shall be the illuminer of our worlds. Come and rule over our land and set peace in our city!” The demons were saying this with their mouths, yet planning evil nevertheless in their hearts.

4. After this, Sin which, like the hair in the dough, was shut up in them mingled with the Light which came out of the Rulers. Then the Envoy hid his forms; he parted the Light of the five Bright Gods from the Sin which was with them, and it fell upon the Rulers from which it had dropped; but just like a man disgusted at his own vomit they did not accept it.

5. Then it fell on the earth, half of it on the Wet and half of it on the Dry; now that which fell on the Dry sprang up in five trees – from that are grown plants, trees and grain, while that on the Wet became a horrible monster in the likeness of the King of Darkness. The Diamond of Light was sent against her; he fought with her, defeated her, turned her on her back, struck her in her heart with a Spear, thrust his Shield on her mouth, and placed one of his feet on her thighs and the other on her breast.

Section 9. Man’s Body Comes from the Demons

1. These Daughters of the Darkness were already pregnant from their own Nature, and when they saw the beauty of the Envoy’s forms their fetuses dropped, fell on the earth, and ate the buds of the trees. Then the Abortions consulted together; they remembered the Envoy’s form they had seen, and asked, “Where is that Form we saw?”

2. Then Ashaqlun, the son of the King of Darkness, said to the Abortions: “Bring me your sons and daughters; come, give me some of the Light we have taken; it is I who will make for you a form like what you have seen, which is the first man.” [Not the heavenly First Man, but instead Adam.] Then they brought it and gave it to him, and, moved by jealousy, Matter made Man out of itself by mixing with the whole of the Power, having also something of the Soul in him. However, the form did much to let Man gain somewhat more of the Divine Power than other mortal living things, for he is an image of the Divine Power.

3. So Man was fashioned, not by God but by the Ruler of Matter, but it was God who later gave humanity its true beauty. Then the Ruler of Matter consumed the males, and the females, he gave to Nebroel his mate. Then Nebroel and Ashaqlun united together, and she conceived from him and bore a son whom she called Adam; she conceived again and bore a daughter whom she called Eve, both giving her some of their lust to seduce Adam.