What is the Manichaean view of abortion?

According to our faith, the act of aborting a child is forbidden. One of our sacred texts says, “You shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill a child that has been born.” This passage obviously condemns abortion, but it also identifies the fetus as a child.

One of our religious leaders has warned us saying: “If you vote for a political party that condones the practice of abortion, then the blood of the innocent is on your hands.”

Certain political parties in the world have as part of their agenda, the sponsorship of abortion clinics, the passing of laws to give women rights to murder the fetus, etc. Thus, voting for such parties brings judgment against a person.

One of the Manichaean Ten Commandments says, “You shall not murder a man, a woman or a child, neither shall you abort an infant; and you shall not commit to unnecessary killing of any life including animals and plants.”

The first part of the above passage is similar in thought to the first passage that we read. It mentions that it is forbidden to murder a child and then it says “neither shall you abort an infant.”

It is our belief that life begins at conception.