What is Alms-giving?

Alms-giving is an ancient practice of the Church where Hearers bring food offerings to the Elect Intercessors for propitiation of sins and other violations of the Precepts or Teachings.

Is Alms-giving the same as tithing?
No, Alms-giving and tithing are two completely different practices. Manichaeans offer ten percent of their income to the Church for purposes such as missionary work, various costs of Church business travelling, etc. Tithes can also be paid in the form of labour in behalf of the Church.

Alms-giving on the other hand, is specifically a form of food offering, or sacrifice with food items that contain no type of animal products. If one is unable to offer fruits, vegetables, grains or breads, the Hearer can provide funds so that food may be purchased. The food is then presented to the Monks at a sacrificial table where it is consumed.

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