What does it mean that humans have free-will?

Free-will is the ability for each individual human to choose its own direction without being coerced by any angelic, godlike or celestial influence. In other words, a man or a woman has the ability to choose to do right or wrong, according to the dictates of their own mind. Manichaeans believe that there are consequences to one’s choices and if one chooses the wrong path and commits sinful acts, then one must pay for those actions.

Manichaeans understand “free-will” to be a gift from God to humanity. What this means is that when humanity was first created, it did not have much of a choice in anything. God was compassionate and through the Living Spirit, He granted humanity the gift of free-will. This way, humanity could not be controlled entirely by demoniac force. But at the same time, God Himself would not interfere with the choices humanity makes. God allows a man or woman to make their own choices, even if those choices are wrong.

This does not mean, however, that God will not assist humanity. Manichaeans believe that God does not always involve Himself in the affairs of creation; instead Almighty God appoints various celestial servants who assist humanity in various functions.

So, when we need help, God is there for us, but He will not force us to make a decision, whether it is right or wrong. He shows us the correct way, according to His righteous principles, but it is our choice to follow that proper way.