Do your churches use crosses and crucifixes?

Manichaeans in all cultures have used some form of a cross. In fact, all communities of the Religion of Light throughout the ages have used the cross as a symbol of life. It is one of the most important symbols in the Manichaean Faith as it not only represents all of life, but also the hope of deliverance from the darkness for humanity.

In the Manichaean faith there are two different crosses: 1) Cross of Light and Life which symbolises life being trapped in matter; 2) the crucifix

Manichaeans have no problem having a Cross or Crucifix in their home, but rarely is such an object found within a worship facility or as part of its architecture. The Cross or Crucifix helps us to remember the ransom sacrifice of Christ in first century Judea.

Manichaeans from a Christian background have a tradition of covering the Crucifix or Cross in their homes with a purple cloth during Passover recalling the death of the Lord on the evening of the Passover. The cloth is then removed after three days.

Members are also free to wear a cross as part of a necklace or other type of jewellery.