Devotional: An Appeal to God for Help

“Being kindly and pitiful, the Good Father sent from His bosom His beloved Son into the heart of the earth and into its lowest parts for the saving of the Soul. Now while coming the Son changed himself into the form of a Man and appeared to men as a man, being no man, and men fancied him to have been born.” (GPM 1 sec. 10:2)

The extremity to which the Spark has now been reduced leads then to an appeal to God for help, and immediately that help descends – in a human form, but in reality a total Divinity without dilution with human nature.

This Anointed One, known to Mani also as Jesus the Son of God, came down to fallen man, roused him from the drunken sleep of ignorance, showed him his royal destiny on high as a part of God’s eternal Glory, warned him against the sexuality [lust] and degradation which corrupt his sensual nature, let him glimpse the immanent Deity, the spark of Light hidden and suffering in all that is, and helped him to resolve to strive for freedom. (D.G.)