Abba d’Rabbuta – the Father of Greatness

“Abba d’Rabbuta” (ܐܒܐ ܕܪܒܘܬܐ) is the Syriac (Aramaic) term literally meaning “Father of Greatness.” This is a divine title rather than a name specifically in reference to Almighty God. The Father of Greatness is referred to as Zurvan, equivalent to the Hebrew “Yahweh” and Aramaic “Mar-Yah”).

The word “Abba” means “Father”, while the term “d’Rabbuta” means “of Greatness.” The English title “Father of Greatness” is sometimes written as “Great Father.”

The Father of Greatness is the One All Supreme God Above All Celestial Beings. Manichaeism teaches that He is outside of time and creation. As such, there is no physical representation of God since He is not like anything within the world of nature or physical matter. Manichaeans do not permit physical representations of the Father of Greatness within their worship halls or homes. According to Manichaean belief, the Father of Greatness is invisible to human eyes, and can only be seen as pure light by certain celestial beings stationed close to His throne.