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“To Mani’s vision, the future was as clear as was the past; and the assured hope of entering into that eternal abode of Light, of which his soul formed a part, was for him a source of strength in life and his consolation in the hour of martyrdom. Buoyed up by a like hope, hundreds of his adherents met death as martyrs on the same day as their leader, while age after age, for a thousand years, followers of his creed went without flinching to the stake and fagot, or sealed their faith with their blood. Only the confident belief that through the Apostle of Light they would share in the Light Supreme could have inspired such devotion.” (“A Sketch of the Manichaean Doctrine Concerning the Future Life”, A.V. Williams Jackson; 1930)

“The blessed ones will receive this message, the wise ones understand it, the strong ones will take on the wisdom of the wise.” (Mar Mani)

The Four Central Prophets of Manichaeism:
Mani, Zoroaster, Buddha and Jesus.